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Cedarwood is known to have energising properties that can increase concentration levels and relieve stress and tension.


Our New Aroma Spray Refill range. Handmade to order in our Yorkshire workshop. Our fragrances have been specifically manufacturered so we can use a larger amount of fragrance oil in our sprays for a longer lasting scent! Stronger than anything we have found on the market!


These are designed for the quick and convenient refill of your exsisting spray bottle. Alternatively you can attach your own atomiser to the refill bottles. The 100ml and 250ml bottles take 18mm atomiser caps and the 500ml and 1litre bottles will take 24mm caps. 


The bottles do not come with atomisers and these will need to be purchased seperately. These are suitable for refilling our luxury 'Aroma Mist' range.


Suitable for use in any room, on all fabrics and linens, or in the car and caravan, the possibilities are endless. Made with a minimum 70% alcohol meaning they will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that produce bad smells*. 


Expand your product range and rebottle them yourself. CLPS can be provided for each fragrances.


*Please note these have not had a CPSR conducted and therefore are not suitable for direct application to the skin and should not be used as a hand sanitiser.


We're doing our bit fighting the usage of plastic. We now use 33% less packaging and all of our bottles are fully recyclable. We are currently working on sourcing and testing of bottles that are made from recycled plastic. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil - Aroma Spray Refill

VAT Included
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