Cherry Red


Our candle liquid dyes are extremely concentrated and the easiest and quickest way for colouring paraffin, soy, gel and vegetable waxes.


These are medium 10mL bottles however with a huge kick being highly concentrated. A little however goes a long way!


The dyes are oil based and disperse very well in wax giving you a smooth, even colour. 


Our dyes burn cleanly and will not block or restrict the wick from the burning. 


The colours have been formulated to be viscous therefore reducing the risk of splashing and spilling, making handling much easier.


Colours will vary with different wax/fragrance/additive combinations, therefore experiment and always take notes of what you add and the amounts to ensure consistent results between batches. When adding the dyes, measure suing weight or volume and do not alternate the method of measurement between batches. If you do, this will produce different results so always be consistent with the chosen method that suited to your manufacturing process.



Store the dyes at ambient temperature, away from direct sunlight with the lids on when not in use.


Directions for Use

Shake the bottle well before using.

The recommended temperature for manufacturing with our dyes is 85ºC. If you work at temperatures above this or prolonged exposure to heat can cause colour degradation resulting in fading. 

Simply add to the melted wax, gently stir to achieve an even colour. Add fragrance.

1mL of dye will give a medium shade in approx 1kg of paraffin wax. The more colour added, the more intense the colour will be.


For vegetable and other waxes this volume will have to be increased (up to 50%)  to achieve the same colour. 

Experiment and start 1 drop at a time with small amounts of wax to test the colour. 


Please note: These colours are suitable for wax / oil products only. They are not suitable for soaps or bath bombs.

Full MSDS's can be supplied on request.
All of our colours are made in house and fully compliant with EU Regulations.
We source the components to make our colours from reputable UK based companies.

Liquid Candle Wax / Oil Dye - 10mL - Cherry Red