Highly concentrated Snow Fairy inspired dupe car diffuser refill oil.


Our Car Diffuser range are more concentrated than our electric and reed diffusers and are designed for maxiumum lifetime and scent throw in your vehicle. One dose will last approx 2-3months depending on use. 


Our refills are made on site and are highly concentrated and made using some of the best essential oils available on the market. Our oils are sourced from UK manufacturers. 


They allow the simple refill for maximum scent throw of your chosen oil.


All of our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free!


Available as 1Litre, 100ml and 10ml bottles. The 1 litre bottles are designed for rebottling and resell at smaller volumes. RRP is £3.50.


1Litre. Supplied in HDPE Bottles with pipette

100mL. Supplied in HDPE easy pour bottles.

10mL. Supplied in PET dropper tip bottles.


Snow Fairy Inspired Car Diffuser Oil

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  • The fragrance /essential oil has already been infused in our car diffuser carrier oil. To use: simply empty the contents in your car diffuser bottle, close the lid securely and invert a couple of times to infuse the oil into the wooden cap. Allow a couple of hours for the oil to travel up the lid and start diffusing into your vehicle.  Once you no longer notice the scent when entering your vehicle, repeat the above process.