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Who Are We?

MOB Cosmetics is a family run business based in South Yorkshire UK, primarily focusing on the supply of soap, diffuser and candle supplies and raw ingredients to small businesses and private individuals.

All of out products are produced to the absolute highest quality and standard. 


All of our staff come from scientific backgrounds including degrees in forensic science and analytical chemistry. We all have experience and training in analytical, fundamental, medicinal and bio chemistry. Previous scientific jobs have trained us to various quality systems including GLP, GMP, GCP and iso17025. 

How Do We Differ From Our Competition?

 This training and wide range of experience has allowed us to produce our products safely, to high standards and incorporate scientific techniques not commonly used by other manufacturers. Using these techniques have allowed us especially in our colour manufacturing to produce colours of unrivalled concentration. This means less colour is therefore required, giving you more value for your money and yet still sell at competitive prices! 

Have we convinced you?


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