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Our set of 10 cosmetic colours which includes the following:
CI42090 - Blue
CI42090/CI14720 - Purple
CI15985 - Orange
CI19140 - Yellow
CI17200 - Pink
CI42090/CI19140 - Green
CI14720 - Red
CI45350 - Fluorescent Yellow/Green
CI61570 - Turquoise 
CI45100 - Fluorescent Pink


Choose from 10mL, 30mL or 100mL bottles. These are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way! 


These cosmetic colours can be used for a wide range of applications including soap, bath bomb and bath salt making. 


Please note: These colours are not suitable for candle making.


The bottles have a dropper and a black child safety screw cap lid for easy storability. 


All of the colours can be combined and mixed to achieve different colours. 


When using, add a small amount until the required colour is finally achieved. 


All the colours being water soluble can be easily cleaned up with a wet cloth and mild detergent.

Some colours applied to cosmetic products may appear slightly different in colour until added to water.


Full MSDS's can be supplied on request.


All of our colours are made in house and fully compliant with EU Regulations.


We source the components to make our colours from reputable UK based companies.

Cosmetic Water Soluble Liquid Dyes - Set of 10 Colours

SKU: CC-10-10
VAT Included
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