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Suitable for general cleaning or when changing scents in all types of electric diffusers including nebuliser, evaporative or ultrasonic diffusers.


After prolonged use, sticky fragrance and essential oil residue will build up in the inside of your diffuser and can affect peformance and cause damage long term.


Using our diffuser cleaner will help clean off any residue and allow you to change scents without any crossover. It works by breaking down the residue and helping it evaporate off during a normal run cyle. It can be used after every use if frequently changing scents or a couple of times a month when using the same scent. 


To use:

  1. Pour the contents into a compatible container and attach to your nebuilser.
  2. Run for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Add your new scent. 


Diffuser Cleaner - 500ml

VAT Included
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