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Our most popular essential oil reed diffuser refill set at a reduced price made to the maximum allowed concentration for a strong, long lasting scent throw. 


Contain the best base oil on the market for enhanced scent - does not contain alcohol.


All our fragrances and base oils are sourced direct from reputable UK manufacturers to enable us to create highly concentrated products. 


All of our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free!


Please Recycle or Reuse the bottles. Simply wash out with detergent and their use is unlimited.


The set contains the following five essential oils:


Lavender essential oil - unleash the calming, soothing and rejuvenating effect of lavender. Lavender essential oil aids sleep and insomnia and helps with stress and anxiety.


Lemon essential oil - A superior fresh, citrus essential oil bursting with freshness which is wild harvested from the hills of Sicily.


Sweet orange essential oil - experience the zesty, vibrant, uplifting aroma of sweet orange to waken your senses.


Peppermint essential oil - Our superior grade of peppermint with around 40% menthol content, providing a powerful, reviving, menthol odour that will awaken your senses.


Eucalyptus essential oil - A well known decongestant, it invigorates, clears the mind and promotes vitality.


To use: Simply pour the bottle into an empty diffuser bottle. Add 6-8 reeds and allow the oil to absorb up the reeds. Next, flip the reeds around which will help release a stronger fragrance. 

Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Set - 5 x 100mL

VAT Included
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