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Our new flame simulation diffusers.


Two colour functions: Orange and blue flames.


250mL reservoir. Supplied with any five 10ml diffusers of your choice. Choose from the following:


Red Summer Fruits

Blackcurrant & Pomegranate

Black Cherry

Tropical Fruits

Mango & Papaya

Blue Lagoon

Pink Gin & Tonic


Blue Ocean

Sandalwood & Vanilla

Fruit Salad (The Sweets)

Jelly Beans

Candy Hearts

Pine & Candy Canes

Strawberry Bon Bons

Winter Spice

Christmas Cracker

Ginger Bread

Treacle Tart

Winter Hearth

Chocolate Orange

Pear Drops

Balsam Fir

Parma Violet

Baby Powder

Monkey Farts

Unicorn Sparkle


Cookies & Cream


Christmas Tree

Lavender & Vanilla


Pinky Sands


Fresh Linen


Tobacco & Vanilla

Italian Leather

Cyprus & Grape Vines

Rosey Wonderland

He's Absolutely Guilty


Jimmy Original

Rose Thorn Prick

Ms D

A SuperNova

Mountain Fresh

Nonstop Blissful

Nonstop Uplifting

Nonstop Spring Time

Nonstop Lavishly

Nonstop Dreaming

Nonstop Blue Freshness

Spring Waken

Strawberries and Lily

Bahama Fresh

Opiume Noir

Bravest Men

Aliens Invasion

Snow Angel

B Orange

B Bottle

Savage Man


Adore You

Noir Orchids


Jupe Men

Miss Millionaire


Golden Doves

Country Estate

She's Scandalous

La Vee

100 Degree F

Black Pomegranate

Lime, Basil and Mandarin

English Pear and Freesia

Oud Wood

Seychelles Beach


Daisy Flower


Red 540

Oud Royalty

XS Noir

Flipping Fabulous

Green Tweed

Number Five

Woodsage and Sea Salt

Cranberry & Orange





Flame Simulation Diffuser

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£29.39Sale Price
VAT Included
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  • Product Name: USB Simulation Flame Night Light
    Color: White / Black
    Material: ABS + PP
    Size: 170 * 80 * 108mm
    Plug In: type-C 2A power cord
    Charging: not supported
    Rated Input: dc5 0V/2.0A
    Working current: ≤ 900mA
    Rated power: ≤ 4.5w
    Water tank capacity: 250ml
    Atomization volume: 30-40ml / h
    Timing: 1H 3H 5H

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