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Gold Cosmetic Grade Mica 


Adds a deep colour with shimmering and luminescence effects.


Natural colourant derived from iron oxide and titanium dioxide.


They are non-toxic, resistant to high temperatures, resistant to light and acid and alkali conditions.


Can be used in a wide range of cosmetic applications including soaps (Melt & Pour and Cold Process), bath bombs, mineral make up including eye shadows and blushers, balms and bath salts. Our mica powder is suitable for use in products being applied to the skin, lips, on the face and around the eyes.


Concentration range when being applied in cosmetic products is 1-3% however varies depending on the particular product being manufactured.


Please note: These products are not pearlisers and are insoluble, therefore will settle out in most liquid products such as shampoos.


MSDS’s can be supplied on request allowing you to conduct a CPSR for your cosmetic product if intended for the legal sell in the EU.


Each colour comes supplied in ziplock bag, to help keep postal costs free of charge.


A little goes a long way!


Colours are depicted to the best of our ability, however may vary slightly to the naked eye.


VAT Included
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