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Perfumers alcohol is used to dilute your essential and fragrance oil blends and enhance the longevity of your perfume when applied to your skin. It is perfect for use in perfumes, room sprays/mists and reed diffusers.
Perfumers alcohol can be used to replace your ethanol and / or Everclear ingredients.
Clear solution
Contains denatured alcohol, isopropyl myristate and mono propylene glycol (MPG). 
Isopropyl myristate which is a light wax, acts as a fixative which readily penetrates and carries the essential oils. Due to isopropyl myristate being in the formulation, do not add water. If you are required to add water in your formulation, use 'Formulators Alcohol'.
Denatured alcohol is the main carrier of the essential oil. It is volatile and therefore evaporates when in contact with the skin leaving the depositing the fragrance evenly. 
Perfumers alcohol has been designed specifically for the production of perfumes and for direct skin contact. 
MPG is used a co-solvent and helps solubilse the fragrance oils into the denatured alcohol. 

Perfumers Alcohol

VAT Included
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