Reed diffusers are an excellent and safe alternative to home fragrancing when candles or wax melts are not applicable. 


A reed diffuser is a mixture of fragrance or essential oils dissolved into a safe blend of solvents.


The fragrance oil is dispersed by evaporation of the solvent containing the fragrance into the room.


Reeds are used as a carrier to pull the mixture out of the container and help disperse the fragrance throughout the room.


Making a reed diffuser could not be easier. Simply pour out your reed diffuser base oil into a jug and add a 25% fragrance or essential oil. Transfer the blend to a reed diffuser bottle and stopper for a minimum of 48 hours before use. Add 6-8 reeds to the bottle and allow the blend to travel up the reeds. Rotate the reeds around and enjoy!


Reed Diffuser Base Oil