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Cosmetic Grade High Purity Sericite Silk Mica Powder
Vegan friendly!
Not tested on animals!
Our Sericite Silk Mica Powder will impart both translucency and lustre to mineral makeup.
It is fantastic at reflecting light which helps reduce the appearance of pores, wrinkles and expression lines giving you a more youthful appearance, natural glow and making the skin appear more soft and lustrous when used in face powders. 
It has a larger particle size which makes it a more translucent powder with lower coverage.
Sericite is derived from the mineral muscovite (a mica group mineral made up of mostly sericite).
This mica powder can be used in a wide variety of applications and is one of the main cosmetic bases used in foundations, blushers, creams, lotions, eyeshadows, mineral veil finishing powders and concealers.
Will not clog pores.
Dry powder.
Gone off white natural beige mineral colour.
Store at ambient temperature, away from direct sunlight and from high humidity levels of greater than 65%.
Avoid direct contact with moisture.
Always reseal bags after use since powders are slightly hygroscopic and will slowly absorb moisture over time and will prevent any contamination. 
Up to 100% in powdered products.
In formulas 10-40% when being used as a filler.
Items will be dispatched in ziplock bags for easier accessibility and to maintain our free postal service.

Sericite Silk Mica Powder

VAT Included
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