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SLSA offers fantastic foaming properties and is great for use in bath bombs, bath salts, powdered bubble baths etc. SLSA is a mild and safe cleanser without any of the drawbacks of harsher foamers like SLS. The larger molecule size of SLSA prevents any skin irritation making it a perfect surfactant for gentle cleansers and cleaning products.


SLSA is made from coconut and palm oils.


100% natural origin


Conforms to Ecocerts Organic & Natural Cosmetic Standard.


Mild alternative to SLS


Comes supplied in resealable ziplock kraft bag to maintain freshness. 



When used in bath bombs, salts, shampoos, bubble baths, scrubs etc, use up to a maximum of 5% weight/weight or 5% weight / volume. 

SLSA is a fine powder, therefore when handling we recommend the use of a dust mask and in a well ventilated area.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (Fine Powder) - SLSA

VAT Included
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