Our best selling Unstoppables dupe fragrances sold in a cost effective bundle. Suitable for use in soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, candles, linen sprays, reed and car diffusers and various other formulations. Similar in style and identity to the Lenor Unstoppables fragrance booster range.
The 6 fragrances included are:


Unstoppables Blue Fresh - A fruity floral accord opening with clean ozonic notes, orange, peach and green apple leading to a floral heart of jasmine, rose and neroli freshened with aromatic nuances of anis, eucalyptus and green notes resting on a base of patchouli and vanilla.


Unstoppables Spring - A fruity floral fragrance opening with notes of berries, pear, apple and orange leading to a floral heart of violets, rose and jasmine with hints of anise all resting on a base of patchouli, sugar, musk and vanilla.


Unstoppables Uplift - A fruity floral fragrance opening with notes of orange, bergamot, green notes, peach, apple and nuances of berries and rhubarb leading into a heart of rose, orchid, jasmine, ylang, gardenia, violet, lily and herbal nuances all on a base of vanilla and musk.


Unstoppables Dreams - A fruity floral fragrance opening with top notes of pineapple, orange and apple followed by a green floral heart of jasmine, lily of the valley and violet rose all resting on a base of coconut, sandalwood, musk and vanilla.


Unstoppables Lavish - A fruity floral fragrance opening with notes of lemon, mandarin, apple, peach, red berries and coconut leading into a floral heart of rose, violet, jasmine and lily supported by gentle herbs resting on a base of vanilla, musk and amber.


Unstoppables Bliss - A fruity floral peach fragrance with orange, jasmine, red berries, cherry and mandarin resting on a base of musk and soft woods.

These fragrances are highly concentrated, have a very strong scent throw, 100% pure and straight from the manufacturer with no added diluents or cheap bulking solvents / oils. 
Each bottle is supplied in solvent resistant PET bottles with fine tips for the easier, cleaner and more accurate application to your mixtures and formulas compared to glass bottles. 
MSDS's, IFRA, Allergen Declaration and CLP information can be provided upon request for each fragrance.

Unstoppables Inspired Fragrance Oils - Set of 6

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